About Matt

Hey, I'm Matt. I started FeaturingMatt in December of 2015 as a way to record and explore my passion for fashion, aesthetics, entertainment, and allow me to curate fire content in a creative space.

Originally hailing from Brooklyn, I now reside in the forgotten borough of New York City, Staten Island. I work in marketing full-time in addition to blogging and I'm married to a beautiful 5'10" bombshell with legs for days. I'm an only child (but not one of those self-centered ones!) with an uncanny ability to spot celebrities. I probably own too many pairs of sneakers and spend too much time on Twitter. I'm a big fan of beautiful, clean imagery. My beer of choice is Miller Lite. 

 Style icons include Kanye West, Brandon Flowers, John Mayer and Dallas Green. Hypebeast + Americana is my sweet spot. 

Areas of interest you can expect to experience on FeaturingMatt:

 Personal Style
Food & Alcohol
The Culture


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