2016: There Is No In Between

1:26 PM

Social media has simultaneously intensified and nullified the impact of both progressive and conservative views. We now live in a world of absolutism. You’re either a racist, homophobic pig or a fag loving, tree hugging liberal. There are no longer grey areas where you can acceptably express or adjust your thoughts. Each and every one of us now has a platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share our views, concerns and ideas. The irony is that with such a vast microphone, we drown each other out and call it progress. We share and share and share, and we consume what we want to consume. Distracting ourselves and reducing important life changing events to entertainment. 

As a society we are beholden to what we think is “right” and when we’ve made our decision, we stand firm and become defensive. I think we can all agree that reading a friends’ Facebook status will not change our political views. But listening to the issues both parties have is the only real hope we have for unifying the country. There are larger, financially backed entities that hold more of a stake in our futures than we ever will. Acknowledging that fact and working in spite of it to be more inclusive and understanding of each other is the only way forward. 

I hope to one day live in a world where all classes, races and sexes are viewed as equals. 

I am an American and these are my thoughts.   

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