Things I Love Heading Into This Week

Here it is, the middle of May and we are that much closer to summer. Memorial Day is officially 15 days away & I can't wait for fun-filled days with friends, bar-b-q's, recording my bands' album and continuing to plan my wedding. 

But, before diving into summer, I wanted to hit you guys with a few things I've gotten into recently that I think you'll appreciate. 

Drinking Black Tea With Honey
Like my father before me, I have grown to develop a love for tea. It started when I was feeling a little under the weather, and I thought a cup of tea would help make my throat feel better. But ever since that time, I keep going back for more. Especially with a nice drizzle of honey to add a little sweetness. Tea has become my afternoon caffeine kick and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. Turns out the Brit's got something right, tea time is dope. Order your Lipton tea today.

Making More Time For The Gym 
FeaturingMatt - Grilled Chicken
As a guy who plays in multiple men's basketball leagues, I always thought playing was enough exercise to keep myself healthy. But I recently decided that I need to be doing more to attain the proper level of health. I noticed that my weight kept increasing and it finally got to a point where I couldn't continue down that path. I'm closing in on 30 faster than I want to admit, so getting a good physical regimen set is really important. Not to mention,  I want to look good without a shirt on. If you saw my recent post about staying positive, focused and motivated, you'll know that I am all about the content Gary Vaynerchuk produces. Luckily, he often features his personal trainer, Mike Vacanti in his Snapchat stories. With that in mind, I checked out Mike's website, On The Regimen, and came across an amazingly helpful PDF Mike put together called, The Beginner's Fitness Guide. In it, he talks about a ton of useful information and points readers towards Starting Strength, a workout regimen developed by famous strength training coach, Mark Rippetoe. I've been doing it for the past two weeks and I already feel healthier. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

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