Forget Budweiser, Order An Ice Cold "America"

Summer is around the corner, we're in the midst of a heated presidential race and the Olympics are closing in. There might not be a more perfect time for Budweiser to temporarily change it's name to "America". While the King of Beers has never shied away from making a patriotic statement, this clearly takes things to the next level. On top of the 'in your face' name change, Bud has also snuck in new text citing the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner, and America the Beautiful on the packaging as well. While it certainly does seem a bit forced, I'm all for it. Can't wait to kick back a few 'America's" this summer while I'm hanging poolside.

I must say, I can't remember a brand ever going this far to pander to their audience. I mean, branding is everything right? Budweiser replacing their own brand name seems drastic, but maybe the brand is onto something. In the war against craft beer, Bud is the only brand who could pull off a strategic move like this. Only time will tell how this temporary re-brand will effect sales, but I have a feeling heartland USA will gobble it up. Fun fact? Ab-InBev (the brewing company who owns Budweiser) is headquartered in Belgium.

Get ready to see the new branding in stores soon, as the packaging will run from May 23 through election season in November.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, stupid gimmick or something you're interested in?

Images via Fast Company


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