Denim Jacket SƵN

There are two things in life I consider absolute facts. Rocking the right denim jacket will make you at least 50% cooler than you actually are, and the Knicks will never win an NBA championship in my lifetime. Everything else, I approach with cautious optimism.

To me, a denim jacket is the rough and tumble answer to the blazer. You can throw it on over a t-shirt, a button down, or a shirt & tie combo. Depending on where you're going, your denim jacket could slide right into your wardrobe and put it over the top. 

So let me describe the "right denim jacket". Wash and color are certainly important factors, but maybe not as important as you think. The absolute make-or-break point for a denim jacket, is the fit. 

1. A denim jacket should be relatively snug in a comfortable way. Think of it like a blazer, you want the length of the arms to end right about quarter of an inch past your wrist. 
2. Slim at the waist will help frame your body and everything but the arms should be smooth & flat.
3. The sweet spot for the end of your jacket is right below your belt.


gap - $79.95

J. CREW - $118.00

And for a pop of color, this is a nice option from ASOS - $65.00

And don't worry, you've got about a month left to rock your denim until it gets too warm, then boom, just like that autumn is here and you can throw a hoodie on underneath and get back to badass business. Denim jackets are too dope man. Have a favorite from this bunch? Get at me in the comments. 

Images via Gap, J. Crew and ASOS


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