What To Get Your Girl For Valentine's Day

Hear ye! Hear ye! The time has come to bestow your love and affection upon the special woman in your life! That's right dude-bro's, the Valentine's Day countdown is on. You have roughly two weeks to plan a trip, buy a gift or slack off and make a dinner reservation. Fortunately, you read FeaturingMatt, where I will not only hit you with some money gift ideas, but I will give you proven tactics that make her smile and poetry that makes her melt. I'll even write the inside of the card for you! Think of me like a Tom Emanski for your Valentine's Day experience. Back to Back to Back! If you don't get the reference, A) please X out and leave my blog OR B) watch this commercial clip and revel in Fred McGriff's glory.

Alright, back to you, your lady and the V-Day countdown. I'm going to put this in order of gift timing. If you are planning on a weekend getaway, you probably already missed your shot, BUT if you're willing to shell out a few extra greenbacks, here are some really nice places that you might want to give a call.

Weekend Getaway Ideas
The Mohonk Mountain House - Hudson Valley, NY
Casa BiancaMontréal, Canada
Paradise Point Resort & Spa - San Diego, CA 
Okay, now if you're keeping it local and looking to grab some dinner here in New York I've got a few amazing options. Steak, American (whatever that really means), and Mediterranean. Make your reservation now, they're each filling up quick.

Restaurant Recommendations
American Cut - Steakhouse in Tribeca
Colonie - American in Brooklyn
Kat & Theo - Mediterranean in Flatiron 
Up next? We've got the material goods. This is the stuff you wrap up nice or throw in a gift bag and give to her after you both enjoy a candle-lit dinner that you prepared (this is very important). My go-to is a delicious chicken parm. Check out this interesting take on a classic from Tasty: Chicken Parmesan Baked Penne. Enough about food, back to the gift ideas.

Gifts For Her
Brooklyn Buckle Bag - Mark and Graham
Clear Cassette Player - Urban Outfitters
Sam Sunglasses - J. Crew 

Gifts are set. No matter which option you choose, you can't lose. Monogrammed bag? Always a win. Hint of nostalgia with the cassette player? I'm willing to place a bet her mom held on to those N*Sync tapes from 1998. Sunglasses that J. Crew just introduced? "Wow I had no idea you even knew about that!" Here and now is where you seal the deal, delivering a Valentine's Day she will be gramming, snapping and texting about (the holy trinity).  

The Valentine's Day Card

Step 1: Buy a blank card with a premium image or beautiful font (This one from Etsy is a great choice

Step 2: Google and include a love sonnet or poem. My personal favorite:

Step 3: Pen your own heartfelt message (I'll provide an example but this is all you big guy)

Now that you've taken her on a romantic getaway, wined and dined her in a beautiful restaurant, given her the perfect gift or simply spilled your heart and guts out in the form of an authentically heartfelt card, you have done it. You have not only survived Valentine's Day, you have set a new bar for yourself. And that my friends is a tremendous feeling. Some might say it's a poor decision because every year you'll feel like you need to top it. That's where "they" are wrong. Relationships ebb and flow, circumstances are fluid. Whether you're in a position to check off each of the tactics I outlined or only one of them, make sure she knows how much you care about her. In the end, that's what's really important. Make sure you help out your fellow man and share this post. Happy Valentine's Day guys. 


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    1. thanks dude! gotta give the people what they want!


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