Happy New Year! Let's Make 2016 A Great One!

Hope you had an amazing holiday season filled with family, fun and a nice amount of quality alcohol! Five days into 2016 and I'm pretty sure the world is starting to settle in and get comfortable with the fact that 2015 is over. We're all back to work, eating healthier, staying focused and screwing up by continuing to write 2015 when we jot down the date (I'm not alone with that right?)

Anyway, I wanted to kick off 2016 by letting you know I have a ton of awesome content coming up for the year that I'm really excited to share with you. 

What to Expect in 2016

I'm going to continue to pop off with the Lit Fit series bringing you carefully curated outfits to keep you fresh and style inspired. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check 'em out here:

I'm also going to be introducing a new series called Apps I Love, where I talk about a new app I've downloaded, explain how it works and break down my experience with it. The first Apps I Love post will be up later this week so make sure you check back here or follow me on Twitter (@featuringMatt) for the quick update.

But wait, there's more! In addition to continuing to drop knowledge on the most poppin music, movies and entertainment out, I'm going to be adding a new wrinkle each week, hitting you with #ShareYourKey, a quick motivational post every Monday (Shoutout to DJ Khaled!) We've all got things we want to accomplish; whether it's getting in shape, saving more money, performing better at work or checking big things off our 2016 goal lists. I want to know what the key to YOUR happiness is. So every Monday, I'll post a new #ShareYourKey as a little slice of inspiration to keep you hungry and moving towards accomplishing your goals. I hope you'll #ShareYourKey with me too!

Speaking of sharing, did you know that I'm on Snapchat? If you aren't on snap yet, go download it today, search by username and follow:

@FeaturingMatt ---  Find me, add me, story with me. 


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