Top 3 Albums In My Rotation Right Now

In a world full of insanely easy downloadable singles, I am still and probably always will be an album guy. Sure there are songs you hear that you jam out on, take for face value and let pop radio stations play until they die, but albums are different. Listening to an album gives you insight into the whole picture each artist is painting. At any given time, I usually have 3 albums in my rotation. 

Justin Bieber - Purpose

FeaturingMatt - Justin Bieber | Purpose
Let's be really real here. The kid is killing it and this album is flames. Single after single. Top to bottom, front to back, whole album is dope. Worst part is the Nas verse, which sucks to say, but even he would probably tell you a Bieber album is a reach for him. Favorite song at the moment: Get Used To It

City & Colour - If I Should Go Before You 

FeaturingMatt - City & Colour | If I Should Go Before You
I've been a Dallas Green fan for a while now, but to me this is his finest work. So complete and cohesive. It's honestly the album I wish I could write. Insanely good replay value with a range of emotions. Must-listen. Favorite song at the moment: Runaway

Adele - 25 

FeaturingMatt - Adele | 25
The power, the beauty, the precision. This album is everything everyone has been waiting for. She has the best voice in pop music right now and there's no contest. Hard to believe she's only 27. She's going to be making hits forever. Favorite song at the moment: Send My Love (To Your New Lover)


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