I Saw City and Colour Last Night & It Changed My Life

This year, perhaps more than any other, I have fallen head over heels in love with the music of City and Colour. An alias for the man behind the music, Dallas (city) Green (colour), the act has been pumping out great folk, acoustic, alternative country music since 2005 when it released Sometimes, its debut album. I'll admit I was first drawn in by the awesome album artwork, but after a few spins I was hooked. Something so sad and honest about it, I couldn't stop listening. 

FeaturingMatt - City & Colour | Sometimes

Flash forward 10 years and City and Colour is still putting out amazing music. And in my humble opinion, it's finest work to date. If you haven't seen it, I briefly gave kudos to the album in my Top 3 Albums In My Rotation post a few days back, but seriously, If I Should Go Before You is incredible. It starts with Woman, a 9 minute masterpiece that sets the tone for the whole album. It's got earworms like Wasted Love and Lover Come Back, but it's also got wistful, light and airy songs that are perfect for cruising with the windows down like Mizzy C and Killing Time.

Luckily, last night he played most of them and it blew my mind. All jokes aside, it felt like a religious experience. He opened with Woman, just like on the album, and it was even better live. The guitar work was amazing and the tone was set. After nailing a few more off the new record, it was time for a  City and Colour classic, Hello, I'm in Delaware. Then it was back to the new record, which you can tell he really loves to play live. I was so excited to hear Northern Blues live and he killed it, I mean I'm not even sure listening to the album version is going be an option anymore, the live version was that good. He finished up with a five song encore that included Save Your Scissors, Northern Wind and The Girl. Everyone there was singing along and it was glorious. Check out a few of the photos of the experience and make sure you check out If I Should Go Before You

FeaturingMatt - City & Colour Live
Photo Source: Quesadijaa

FeaturingMatt - City & Colour Live
Photo Source: Rebecca728


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